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  • Site Management
  • Supervision
  • Measuring and Billing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Job Safety
  • Adherence to Schedules

Our Services For Your Projects


In collaboration with your and our architects, structural designers and engineers we develop the desired plans of execution, including the implementation schedules for all trades involved.

Construction Work

Optionally we undertake the execution of the required construction works, partly or for complete sections and stages, by our own personnel of qualified craftsmen.

During critical construction phases we can deliver additional manpower - shortly and straightforward.

Construction Site Management

The proceedings of all trades are documented as logs and photographs to be communicated to you according to daily and weekly schedules. Of course we will stay in a permanent dialog with you during all contsruction phases - especially in front of actions which may be critical or deviate from the plans.

After the project's complection you will receive a comprehensive closing report: Proof of adherence to all requirements and as a supplement to your post calculation.

Job Safety

The proprietor of our business, Mr. Schwarz, has passed the currently actual "SCC Examination for Executives" at the German "LGA Training and Consulting".

Before starting to work every member of a team under our direction will get a safety briefing, pursuant to sec. 12 ArbSchG 3 (German labour protection law) or to the legal standards applying locally.

Compilation of safety documentation adhering to valid EU laws:

  • SGU project plan
  • SGU inspection protocols, monthly
  • Safety instructions at job start, monthly repeated

The presence of a skilled first-aider, keeping a log of first-aid incidents and writing accident reports are mandatory tasks to us.

For every construction site we determine the locally effective legislation on job safety and ensure compliance.

Quality Assurance

By continous and strict adherence to high quality standards during all construction steps we know and avoid all risks as possible, prohibit subsequent damages and assure the completion of our work in accordance to all committed requirements.

Since 2009 the proprietor of our business is a certified quality management representative (QMR) according to ISO 9001, certified by TÜV Süd (technical supervision society of south Germany).

Measuring and Billing

For a contemporary settlement of your project we offer:

  • Site cash management
  • Goods inwards inspection
  • Reporting of addtional works and expenses
  • Akquisition of bids, e. g. on shortly needed supplementary goods and services
  • Measurements acc. to VOB/C (Germany) or local requirements
  • Invoicing acc. to VOB/C or project-specific agreements
  • Calculation and bid proposal management of revised tenders